This website is intended to be private.

Analytics & Cookies

I do my best not to track users of this website in any way. I do not and will never include any pixels, such as those from Twitter or Facebook, on my website.

Analytics are collected through, an open-source, privacy-focused analytics platform. Plausible does not use cookies to track users to my website, but some data is sent to their servers:

  • The page URL for the page you are visiting
  • The browser you are using
  • The HTTP referer used to get to my website
  • The operating system you used to access my website
  • The type of device you used to access my website
  • The country associated with your IP address

The information collected is anonymized, so neither I nor anyone at Plausible can see your IP address. Plausible does not sell any data to third parties.

For more information on how your data is handled at Plausible, please refer to their data policy. You can also read their source code on GitHub.

This website is built with Ghost and hosted on Digital Ocean, neither of which uses any cookies or trackers of any kind.

Some content on this site may include embedded tweets from Twitter or videos from YouTube.

Ads & Monetization

I currently do not run ads on this website. However, I plan to monetize YouTube content when the option becomes available to me, and I accept tips through Refer to Ko-Fi’s privacy policy for information on how they handle your data.

Newsletter & Email

I use Ghost to manage my newsletter. The only information I collect from you is your email address. Your email is stored on my own private Digital Ocean server and is only shared with my email deliver service Mailgun. The only data Mailgun sees is your email address and whatever I send out in my newsletters.


If you have any questions or concerns about how I handle your data, please do not hesitate to reach out to me at:

David Amos
4025 Feather Lakes Way #5784
Kingwood, Texas 77339-5784
United States