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Curious About Code #4: How To Stay Curious as a Coder
What do you think is the output of the following Python code? flag = ”🇺🇸” reversed_flag = flag[::-1] print(reversed_flag)The slice [::-1] reverses the order of the characters in the string flag. It looks like flag contains only a single character. So, my first instinct is that reversed_flag
Curious About Code #3: Packages in Julia Are Awesome!
This week I’ve been thinking a lot of the Julia package manager and some of it’s features. I’ve been extremely impressed with how well thought out Julia’s package manager is, especially the first-class support the language provides for project environments. If you’re learning Julia as a Python progr…
Curious About Code #2: Jumping Into Julia, Numbers in Python, and more
Last week I shared that I’ve been thinking a lot about learning lately. In this week’s newsletter, I want to share some new things I’ve learned! One of my big goals for 2022 is to learn the Julia programming language, so I’ve included a couple of resources that I’ve found
This Is Your Brain on Programming
I’ve been thinking a lot about learning lately. In today’s newsletter, I explore some ideas on learning, especially as it relates to programming, and some cool new things I’ve learned over the past week. Enjoy! Two Quick ReadsThe programmer’s brain in the lands of exploration and productionby Vicki…